Welcome to the new site for Ross Finesmith MD!

Ross Finesmith is a physician specialist who manages Medical & Neurological Consulting Services. With a background in clinical neurology and ten years of practice, Finesmith was the obvious choice to found the company. Given his fifteen years of experience as a writer and researcher, it made even more sense for him to look after the company.

Medical & Neurological Consulting Services handles matters pertaining to product launches for other companies. The name of the game is relatively simple: to help companies have a successful product launch, and to make sure that the information is all set up according to the proper protocols. That means making sure that the research protocols are written properly, and that the information is presented in a clear and concise way that appeals to physicians.

Ross Finesmith MD has helped countless clients and is renowned for a personal touch in his business affairs, preserving the relationship and ultimately making sure that everything works to the client’s satisfaction.